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「ぐるぐる☆観覧車」 〜 ♪


Cogito, ergo sum

I'm Alexia. Call me whatever you want. Arexia. Dyslexia. venomousxeyes. Whatever.
I love music. It's what keeps me going, really. Friends and family can only make me so happy.
I like all music. And I can actually say this! ♥ I don't discriminate with music, if it's catchy, I'll listen to it.
Pokemon owns my life once again~
To sum up my life

Alexia. January 14. Half Korean mutt. Loves music. Loves sleep. Lazy. Interested in languages. Phone charms = love. Loves Pokemon. Hates school.
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I love meeting new people. ♥

I, the awesome Alexia, am here to stand, to protect, and defend you!
And later, to molest you.